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Are you looking to lose weight and get in shape, building muscle and burning unsightly fat? Have you tried various diet and exercise programs to no avail? If you want to see results, RUSHFIT is your best bet. Designed by George Owings, a mixed martial arts trainer, and used by MMA legend Georges St. Pierre, this program will get you fit enough to jump in the ring, no matter what your current fitness level. For all the secrets of the MMA right in your living room, read on to learn more about RUSHFIT and decide whether it’s right for you!

Train Like a Pro

RUSHFIT is a workout like no other. This program is based on Georges’ actual training program—meaning you are on your way to getting the body of one of the world’s top MMA fighters. The program is designed to train you in six primary areas: strength, endurance, core stability, power, flexibility, and balance/agility. These programs come on six DVDs with seven separate workouts, so you’ll follow the training schedule for each day of the week to get a full body workout that works. And there’s no need to worry that you’ll get overly “built”—this is designed to be a strengthening workout, though you can certainly add weight lifting if you’re interested in developing larger muscles.

How Long Does It Take?

RUSHFIT is meant to be a streamlined, eight-week program to get in shape in just 45 minutes a day. So if you feel like you don’t have time to work out, that’s no longer an excuse! Cut out one TV show and you can spend that time building the body you’ve always wanted. And in just eight weeks, you’ll be ready for beach season with a lean, fit profile that is built to impress.

Why Does RUSHFIT work?images2

This program is based on MMA circuit training, which is comprised of highly efficient, intense workouts broken up into sessions of just five minutes. These powerful sessions are meant to mimic the intensity of MMA fighting, which means that you’ll be burning fat and gaining muscle at a rate far beyond what you’ve ever attempted before.

What Do You Get?

When you order RUSHFIT, you’ll receive a six-DVD set that contains the seven high-intensity workouts you need to get a body like Georges St. Pierre. In addition to the video workouts, RUSHFIT also includes two training manuals that will help you stay on track with the program.

Do I Need Any Additional Equipment?

RUSHFIT was specifically designed to be a low-cost workout that you can start immediately, so the only equipment you’ll need is a pair of small dumbbells. Whatever size you’re most comfortable with is fine, since Georges St. Pierre himself only uses 25-pound weights.

What Should I Eat While I’m Doing RUSHFIT?

Though RUSHFIT is not a diet program, you will receive a nutrition guide with your order that is designed to help you make the healthiest food choices. It also tells you the best things to eat before and after your workout and do’s and don’ts for best results when you’re on this program.

Is This Program Right for Me?

If you’re not familiar with MMA or you’ve never done a serious workout program before, you might be thinking that RUSHFIT is too intense for your needs, or too difficult to complete. Actually, this workout is perfect for all men and women who want to lose weight and get in shape, regardless of level of expertise. Even beginners can benefit from the intensity of MMA workouts, since all exercises in the program include modifications for those who are out of shape and just getting started. As you begin to get fit with the program, you can naturally ramp up your intensity level.

And if you’re already an athlete, you will benefit from RUSHFIT no matter what your sport of choice. This program can help power up your performance in any area you’re interested in, whether it’s baseball, football, hockey, or running.

Are you thinking you might be too old for RUSHFIT? Think again! If you have been cleared by your doctor for physical activity, you can use this program to lose weight and build muscle. Keep in mind that there is no fighting or physical activity involved, so this program is safe for everyone. And with beginner, intermediate, and advanced progressions, you can pick up your pace as your fitness level rises.

 If, however, you’re more motivated by peppy workout programs with cheerful trainers, RUSHFIT may not be the best choice. Georges and his trainer, Erik Owings, are relatively stoic and don’t do much interaction onscreen. But if you like your workouts to be straightforward and not necessarily entertaining, this might be the perfect program.images3

 I’m Ready to Get Started. How Do I Get RUSHFIT?

If you order this program now you’ll get the whole program—a $350 value—for just $89.97. You can choose to pay the balance all at once or make three easy payments of $29.99. And this cost is an investment in your future fitness. No matter where you are in your physical health, this versatile program will adapt to your needs to get you to where you want to be.

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