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If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts, you’ve probably wondered what the fighters do to get in such amazing shape. Now, the answer is available to anyone who wants the secrets of how MMA fighters prepare for their intense careers. GSP RUSHFIT is the workout program you’ve been looking for all your life. GSP RUSHFIT is a unique circuit-training program used by legendary MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre, designed for him by MMA trainer George Owings. Even if you have never been athletic, this program is designed with three distinct levels so that you can use it to get fit whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete. Read on to learn about the multiple benefits of GSP RUSHFIT!

Get With the Program

GSP RUSHFIT is developed based on training in the six key areas of strength, endurance, core stability, power, flexibility, and balance/agility. These areas are the actual points of fitness that St. Pierre deems necessary for his MMA training regimen, so you’ll actually be using the same workout he uses to get ready for the ring. If you decide to use GSP RUSHFIT, you’ll get seven workouts—one for each day of the week—in six separate DVDs. And what’s more, each of these workouts has a beginner, intermediate, and expert version, so that you can get started right away no matter what your skill level. Since GSP RUSHFIT is designed as a strengthening workout, it doesn’t necessarily build huge muscles—although if that’s the effect you’re looking for, a weight training program added to RUSHFIT can help you get there.


What’s the Time Commitment?

With GSP RUSHFIT you’ll be ready for the beach in just eight weeks—not to mention that each workout is designed to take only 45 minutclock2es. That means that you’ll be able to get the healthy, toned, gorgeous body you’ve always wanted with a program that fits right in with your busy lifestyle.

What’s the Secret to GSP RUSHFIT?

Circuit training is a concept that breaks up very high-intensity workouts into powerful, five-minute sessions that mirror the intensity of MMA fighting. Short bursts of high-energy workouts help maximize the amount of fat you burn while boosting your metabolism, allowing for better health overall.

What Is Included in the GSP RUSHFIT Package?

In addition to the six-DVD set mentioned above, RUSHFIT also includes two training manuals that will help you stay on track with the program. One of these manuals is a nutrition guide, which helps you stay on track with healthy recipes and the foods you should and shouldn’t be eating (especially before and after workouts). Even though RUSHFIT is not a diet program, eating healthy is an important part of getting fit. The only other equipment you need is a pair of small dumbbells, so once you purchase the program, nothing is stopping you from getting started right away.

I’m Not an Athlete. Can I Still Use GSP RUSHFIT?

Even if you’ve never done a serious workout program before, RUSHFIT is designed for all men and women who want to get healthy, regardless of their baseline fitness levels. Each exercise is designed with three separate modifications for three different skill levels. That means you can start off slow and gradually increase the intensity of the program as you get stronger and more comfortable with your body. And if you’re already an athlete, starting these exercises at the expert level will give you maximum benefit from GSP RUSHFIT.

In addition, this program is even safe for those who might think they are too old for a serious exercise program—especially since there is no fighting involved. It’s important to ask your doctor before beginning any new exercise program. But if he or she says that you are healthy enough to work out, the GSP RUSHFIT program is perfect for you. There’s no need to be intimidated—Owings and St. Pierre make a great team, and their workouts are straightforward and easy to follow, even for the newest beginner.

If you already like exercising and know that you prefer your hosts to be high-energy, enthusiastic, and cheerful, GSP RUSHFIT may not be the best choice for you. Owings and St. Pierre tend to be very serious and avoid small talk, which some users will appreciate while others might find it slightly unmotivating. If you prefer your workouts to be straightforward with no irritating music and overly sunny hosts, then this is definitely the program for you.


This six-DVD, two-book program is a $350 value, but you can get it for just $89.97, payable either in full or in three payments of $29.99.

 If you’ve been looking for the right program to motivate you to lose weight, give GSP RUSHFIT a try. In just two short months, you’ll be ready for the beach with a body that impresses, and have a new healthy lifestyle that will pay dividends for the rest of your life. No one wants to feel overweight and unattractive—take this chance and get the body you’ve always dreamed of having. It’s within your reach!



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