Georges St. Pierre’s RUSHFIT!

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If you’re a mixed martial arts fan—and maybe even if you’re not—you’ve undoubtedly heard of Georges St. Pierre. This Canadian fighter has spent several years as the welterweight champion of the UFC and was named the Canadian athlete of the year from 2008 through 2010. In addition to his fighting accolades, he’s an aspiring actor who has been in several films with more in the pipeline. And now, using his special MMA workout system, you could have the body of Georges St. Pierre in a matter of just eight weeks!

 If you want to burn unsightly fat and build lean, toned muscles, don’t hesitate to give the RUSHFIT program a shot. Designed by MMA trainer George Owings especially for Georges St. Pierre and other MMA fighters, this program is meant to provide metabolic conditioning, muscle toning, and weight loss for men and women of all fitness levels.

 Harness the Secrets of MMA Training

This program contains daily workouts of just 45 minutes each that train you in the six primary areas critical for MMA fighters: strength, endurance, core stability, power, flexibility, and balance/agility. Anyone can find 45 minutes to work out, so there’s no excuse not to get started with the RUSHFIT program right away. The workouts are broken up into five-minute sessions designed to mirror the intensity and stamina of a typical MMA fight. You’ll be incredibly happy with the body you end up with if you stick with the program!

What Is Metabolic Training?

Short, high-intensity workouts help condition your metabolism to work faster, meaning that you’ll be burning more fat and constantly building muscle even when you’re not working out—and at an incredible rate when you are. Getting your body in shape with this program is not only extremely effective—it’s also efficient. You won’t believe what you look like after just eight weeks of training.

 What Does the RUSHFIT program Include?

This six-DVD set is made up of seven high-intensity workouts that each have three levels of intensity, one for beginners, one for intermediate athletes and one for experts. It also includes two training manuals that give you the additional resources you need to stick to the program and give your body a true makeover.

 I Don’t Own Any Workout Equipment. What Will I Need to Complete This Program?

The only equipment you’ll need is a pair of small dumbbells. Since this is a workout meant to build tone and lean muscle, even just a few pounds is fine if that’s what you’re comfortable with. Even St. Pierre uses just 25 pounds weights when he works out using RUSHFIT. And if you’re interested in building bulkier muscle, feel free to use RUSHFIT in conjunction with a true weight training program?

 Is There a Diet Component to RUSHFIT?

RUSHFIT is solely a workout program, though it does come with a nutrition guide that helps you make the food choices for the most effective workout. If you’ve ever been confused about the best things to eat before and after working out, wonder no more.

 I’m a Workout Beginner. Can I Still Use RUSHFIT

Absolutely! This workout is perfect for anyone who wants to get into better shape. All of the exercises in the program include modifications for people who are just getting started, as well as super-intense versions for expert athletes. No matter what sport you play, RUSHFIT can help you power up your performance more than ever before.

 Over 65? Not a problem! As long as your doctor says that it’s safe and healthy for you to exercise, RUSHFIT is a great part of your lifestyle if you want to lose weight and build muscle. And with beginner, intermediate, and advanced progressions, you can pick up your pace as your fitness level rises.

 One caution: Don’t expect St. Pierres and Owings to give you the same peppy performance as some other trainers. These workouts are very serious and straightforward—they are committed to giving you the intense exercises you need with lots of guidance and no nonsense. But if you prefer your exercise videos to be more entertaining, you may want to look elsewhere. Then again, if you haven’t had results before, maybe it’s time to try something new?

Where Is the Best Place to Order RUSHFIT?

You should get this program directly from Georges St. Pierre.  The whole program—a $350 value—is available for the low price of $89.97. You can choose to pay the balance all at once or make three easy payments of $29.99. Although RUSHFIT is also available from third-party sellers like Amazon, the price is often higher so it’s best to order it directly. If you consider the cost of a gym membership, RUSHFIT will pay for itself in just a few months, and you never have to leave the comfort of your home.

 If you’ve been considering changing your life with a new fitness program, now is the time. You’ll be shocked at how great you feel with toned muscles and at a healthy weight. Not only will you look great, your quality of life will increase. Don’t be afraid to be happy! Getting the body you’ve always wanted is a huge step toward self-acceptance.


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