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Are you looking to lose weight and get in shape, building muscle and burning unsightly fat? Have you tried various diet and exercise programs to no avail? If you want to see results, RUSHFIT is your best bet. Designed by George Owings, a mixed martial arts trainer, and used by MMA legend Georges St. Pierre, this program will get you fit enough to jump in the ring, no matter what your current fitness level. For all the secrets of the MMA right in your living room, read on to learn more about RUSHFIT and decide whether it’s right for you! Read More!


bathroom scaleMany Americans struggle with exercising and maintaining a healthy, toned body. Maybe you’ve been overweight and trying to get in shape for years, but are having difficulty getting results. Or maybe you used to play sports in high school, but in the years since you’ve let your workout program slip. There are plenty of excuses not to exercise—I don’t have enough time. I don’t know how to get started. The gym is too expensive. But now, there’s a new workout program that shatters all your excuses and will give you the toned figure you’ve always dreamed of. You can get all the secrets of mixed martial arts fighters with RUSHFIT, a workout designed by seasoned MMA trainer George Owings and used by top MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre to get ready for the ring. Want to get started? Here’s how! Read More!

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If you’re a mixed martial arts fan—and maybe even if you’re not—you’ve undoubtedly heard of Georges St. Pierre. This Canadian fighter has spent several years as the welterweight champion of the UFC and was named the Canadian athlete of the year from 2008 through 2010. In addition to his fighting accolades, he’s an aspiring actor who has been in several films with more in the pipeline. And now, using his special MMA workout system, you could have the body of Georges St. Pierre in a matter of just eight weeks! Read More!



Imagine that you can exercise right in your own living room with legendary MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre as your trainer. That could never happen, right? Think again. With St. Pierre’s RUSHFIT workout training system, you can now get in shape using workouts designed by George Owings, a mixed martial arts trainer, and led by St. Pierre himself. Get motivated to get fit by one of the top performers in one of the world’s most demanding sports. If you’ve always wanted to get a body that gets noticed, now is your chance! Read on for a review of this amazing workout program. Read More!



If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts, you’ve probably wondered what the fighters do to get in such amazing shape. Now, the answer is available to anyone who wants the secrets of how MMA fighters prepare for their intense careers. GSP RUSHFIT is the workout program you’ve been looking for all your life. GSP RUSHFIT is a unique circuit-training program used by legendary MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre, designed for him by MMA trainer George Owings. Even if you have never been athletic, this program is designed with three distinct levels so that you can use it to get fit whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete. Read on to learn about the multiple benefits of GSP RUSHFIT! Read More!